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Industrial Product Reports executes a supplier screening process for industrial components, and creates reports containing commercial and product performance information, including:

Manufacturers List

Listing of worldwide component manufacturers

US Qualified Manufacturers List

A listing of component manufacturers with legal US sales representation, factory warrantee, and operation to ISO standards

Price and Delivery Information

Quoted price and delivery information for a representative component from US qualified suppliers

Component Performance Test Results

Side-by-side test results of key performance attributes of the representative component from lowest cost qualified suppliers

Protocols and Procedures

Details of all protocols and procedures utilized in the supplier screening process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the information within the reports used for?
A: The reports provide users of industrial components information required as part of their supplier selection process, at a fraction of the cost of developing the information themselves.

Q: How does Industrial Product Reports ensure unbiased results?
A: Products to be tested are purchased (not donated) without notice to the manufacturer that the products will be tested.

Q: How does Industrial Product Reports maintain independence?
A: Industrial Product Reports does not have any business affiliation with, nor accepts advertising from, industrial component manufacturers or distributors.

Beyond offering reports documenting manufacturer screening process results, IPR can provide testing to specific requirements.