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Industrial Product Reports, Inc. –

Independent, Objective, Complete

Founded by two engineers with 50+ years of industrial product experience, Industrial Product Reports is the source for unbiased commercial and product performance information.

– Industrial Product Reports is 100% independent. We are not affiliated with, nor accept advertising from, any manufacturer or seller of industrial products. Income is generated by means of selling reports to, and for the benefit of, our customers.

– All information reported is based upon our direct experience and testing. Information reported from our commercial experience, i.e. purchasing process, is unaltered data as provided directly by the manufacturers. Objective criteria are used for selection of manufacturers whose products are to be tested. Product performance data is generated by a common test protocol with results derived by identical means. Products are purchased without the knowledge that they will be tested.

– Our reports contain the complete vendor screening process, consisting of identification and qualification of manufacturers, price & delivery information, and side-by-side performance test results. All selection criteria, test protocols, and equations used are contained within the reports.


Gregory Lyon
Greg holds a BSME from Northeastern University, is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State, and is the inventor on 17 US/International patents. His professional career consists over 30 years in engineering, including the past 11 as President of his own engineering and R&D company. Positions held have been Test Engineer, Senior Engineer, Chief Engineer, and Group Director at companies such as General Electric, Leviton Manufacturing, Thomson Industries, and American Standards Testing Bureau.
Scott Schuler
Scott holds a BSME from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His 21 year professional career, 17 within industrial products, includes experience in engineering, sales & marketing, and executive management. Positions held include Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Applications Engineer, Product Manager, Business Development Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, and Vice President at companies such as Micron Instrument, Thomson Industries, FESTO Corporation, and Ziehm Medical.